Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stop making your kids FAT!

Well before I rant on something I previously posted I was going to train in the snow and the altitude.  Well when I got to Colorado there was no snow and there wasn't any where I was at while I was there beside pikes peak.  I did train in the altitude some and it was brutal!  Then I came home finally and took 3 weeks off to spend time with my family and drove through 8 states for our Christmas Vacation.  We had a blast!

Now for a little rant.  America is the fattest nation on earth, people are obese in the clinical since and even more obese in a real sense.  What you do with your self your kids see and think is the norm.  EVERYTHING you do, say, eat, act out, your kids think is right because you do it.  So if your not exercising they think why exercise?  Then they eat the way you do cause you feed them garbage and they don't reach there full potential in life because they will grow to have a self esteem problem because there fat and they don't think anyone can help them.  STOP screwing your kids over!  Feed them healthy meals and let them play there hearts out!  YOU get off your butt and go exercise even if its starting off with walking, running, push ups, sit ups or anything that involves raising your heart rate beyond being mad at your stupid TV show!  Get up and find a gym or start researching how to do body weight exercises and get active your kids will thank you later for it.

I hope you have some great new goals for this new year and wrote them down on a piece of paper and you placed that paper somewhere you can read it everyday first thing in the morning.  Then you should have put a plan together to achieve those goals, if not DO IT!  Best wishes to all of you this year. Also I just posted a short something over at STRONG Times about what I think it is to be STRONG.  Check it out at STRONG Times.