Thursday, September 1, 2011

Half Marathon post race report

Well this past weekend I ran my first half marathon in Kansas City. If you missed it I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge race. It was a great event, a lot of people showed up all weekend to include Dean Karnazes, he hosted the event and had a fun run on Sunday for the kids. It was only 1K in length but cool...why because my daughter ran in it! It was her first race also. She was so happy and just wanted to run with her daddy and now she talks about it all the time. This is one of the results I wanted from this which will encourage exercise in her life. As for me I finished generally where I expected right in the middle of the pack. I placed 111 out of 217 in the half marathon. I was hoping for a better placing but didn't expect the hills that was on the course. They was brutal! It was a serious challenge that even the regular full marathon runners in the city said the half marathon route was tougher than competing in a full marathon in the same city! I had a great time doing this event and a even greater time being able to take my family with me and running a short race with my daughter who turns 4 in October. I used my Mizuno Wave Enigma running shoes for this event and they turned out to be a great tool for getting me through the race with the cushioning they have and the breathability of the shoe, I was able to have dry feet and feel great.  I am now planning on doing a full marathon October 15 in Kansas City. I will be posting a fundraiser page here tomorrow allowing you to donate to a worthy cause. I see none of the proceeds and they all go to a great cause. So check back tomorrow and tell your friends cause its a great event and important donation that is needed.