Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Laine Snook lifts the Millennium Dumb bells!!!

Laine Snook just completed this feat today making history in the Iron world. These 2 massive Dumb Bells weigh in at 234lbs each!! With a handle dia. of 2 3/8"!!! Good Job Laine.

Check out the write up on Laine's lift at Ironmind

Time to get Focused!!!

OK I have not been able to be to consistent with my grip training for about the past month hitting random workouts when I can due to my work schedule. Again tonight when everyone is partying on I will be at work. When I get home I am going straight to the garage to hit the years first grip workout. I just ordered another gripper today and got the Ironmind bending wraps on order also. 2009 WILL be more consistent and many PR's will be broken!!! Happy New Year to all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fight Geek comic

The Fight Geek sent me the link to this last week saying I would find it funny....I read it immediately and well it was hilarious you guys have to check this out. Click Here

Monday, December 29, 2008

BJ Penn in the Altitude Chamber

Good training here. Can't go to the altitude to train? Bring it to you!!

Via Fight Geek

Today's training

Bench 4 sets of 10
Incline 4 sets of 10
Pec deck 4 sets of 8

Dips 4 sets of 8
Panora Press 4 sets of 8

Low cable pulls 4 sets of 10
Lat pulldown wide/close grip 6 total sets of 8
shrugs 4 sets of 10
rear lat. raises 3 sets of 8

Over Head press 4 sets of 8

Abs 4 sets of 10 ab roller
Face curls 4 sets of 8 awesome exercise!!!

Next week I go down to 8 reps on my main exercises adding more weight. Once I get down to about 3-4 reps in a few weeks I will start a new strength program up. This one has me getting back in to my training and is helping a lot. Felt great today. Legs tommrow!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blockweights for Grip work

I have seen and read many articles about grip strength. One that I have been wanting to try is the Blob lift. The "Blob" is a York dumb bell head cut off a normal dumb bell and pinch lifted up for a wide grip pinch piece of equipment. This will help your pinch lift directly helping strengthen your thumb which is the main part of your hand to conduct the pinch lift. As I do not want to mess with my York Dumb bells I chose this rusted up Hex Dumb bell for a trial run. This was cut off a 45lb dumb bell and now weighs in at 22lbs. It is a good start for my first block weight and plan to cut some bigger ones soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My first guest apperance on Coach Book Live!

I was the guest speaker on Coach Book Live last Monday. You can listen in to the feed still just visit Coachbook and click the link in the center of the page.

Listen in to the Q/A from Coachbook Sign up for Coachbook!!!

Definition of The Tactical Athlete

OK, I have been asked several questions lately on training and the tactical athlete. The latest one is what is the definition of the Tactical Athlete. I looked it up all over the net and failed to find a definition out there. So in my own words I made the definition. This site strives to be the leader in Training for the Tactical Athlete.

(Yes that is me Fast Roping)

Definition of the “Tactical Athlete”
Noun: “Tactical Athlete” is an operator who engages in combat as a weapon. The weapon being the Operator and the tools he uses to get the job done may include guns,knives, clubs, or his hands,mind and body.

By Bill Long

Friday, December 26, 2008

Current Strongman of the World

Adam Glass is a current "Old Time Strongman" He is amazing in the feats he can do I guarantee if you attempted any of the feats you see you could not budge cards, steel, horseshoe or anything he does with ease. Try it!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


On Jan. 11-12 2009 I will be taking the USAW Sports Performance Coach course in Nashville,TN. I can not wait to get certified should be a fun course. Let you all know how it goes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Grade 5 bolt bend

Yesterday I was screwing around with a Grade 5 bolt and ended up crushing it. I didn't think I could but My strength surprised me. I will do another bend tommrow or Friday and get it on video for you all to see. Took a lot to get it bent but I got it done.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's workout

Bench 3sets of 12
Incline 3 sets of 12

Dips 4x8
close grip bench 4x8

low cable rows 4x8
Lat pulldowns 4x8
shrugs 4x8
neck work all directions 2x10

overhead press 4x12
side lat. raises 3x12

Leg lifts 3x10
hammer curls 4x8

Went to a different rep/set scheme need to get back some endurance/strength basis after this program I will go back to a all strength for now.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Coach Book

Join us!!

Grip work

BB wrist curls 3 sets of 12
reverse bb wrist curls 3 sets of 12

3 dimes pinch lift 3x5 lifts
3 dimes + 5lb 3x5 lifts
4 dimes 3x3 lifts
4 dimes + 1 cardboard cut out 2 lifts

Sledge lever all directions 5x5 6lb sledge
CoC Sport 2x15
Trainer 3x10

1/4"x6" bolt bends x 3

Wrist roller 3 sets to failure

Felt good today my hands and forearms are fried right now. I need to get some bending pads soon cause the deerskin gloves only help with the first bend after that its pretty painful. I haven't been able to really post my workouts lately due to work I have been working none stop for hours on end. This week is the same hopefully I can get another session like today in this week!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My First Bolt Bend

Today I went to pick up some bolts to try to bend and read a article that said I should start with a 3/16" bolt. Well Lowe's didn't have any they had 1/8" and 1/4" so being me I went with the bigger of the two and wanted to see what happend.....It felt surprisingly easier then I thought. Maybe next time I will get a bigger one!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's Grip work

Finger extentions 3sets of 12 with heavy rubber band

3 dimes one hand pinch 5x5
4 dimes one hand pinch 3sets of 5

CoC trainer 2sets of 10
#1 2 sets of 3
Haven't used my grippers in a while I feel a huge difference feel much weaker.

8lb Sledge hammer levering in all directions 3 sets of 5

Tommrow I plan on buying some bolts to bend for the first time!!! Video will be takin and posted tommrow!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kettlebell warmup

This is a warm up for the rest of my workout I did today.

Kettlebell Swings 100
Pushups 100
Situps 100
Viking press 100 total presses 60lbs

wrist curls 85lbs 3x12
reverse wrist curls 3x12

Didn't get the training I wanted into today had lots of stuff going on but got a quick session in to get the blood flowing.

Diesel Rows for massive upper back strength!!

Check out Diesel Crew for your Innovative Strength training.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grenade Juggling!!

I meant for this site to have everything from shooting to physical training when I started it so here is some shooting.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

67 year old shows us you can still be fit at his age.

If you can not do what this guy does then just smoke your self right now.

DE Lower day + grip work

Dynamic Lower Day

warm up

Squat 2 warm up set then 10 sets of 3 reps
Leg press 5sets of 5 reps
Leg extensions 3x12
Calf raises 4 sets of 12

Decline abs 40, 30, 20

Grip work
one hand pinch 3 plates x2
4plates each hand x3
2hang pinch 2 45's x3
2 45's +10 x2

Rolling Thunder 4 lifts total don't remember how many each set just fooling around with it. 100lbs

Over all felt great on legs today could have squatted forever. Grip felt weak for some reason maybe to much work lately.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend stuff

Got some training in this weekend sorry I didn't get it logged in here its been pretty busy around the house with putting up Christmas stuff to helping my wife put together some food for a Christmas dinner tonight, to writing training programs. This week will be even more busy but I will be vigilant to post this week as I am feeling strong and ready for what this week has to throw at me.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pearl Harbor Remembered

10 years ago today I was a Junior in high school and joined the Iowa National Guard. More importantly it is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.......

For Utah vets, Pearl Harbor memories still vivid
WWII » The survivors honor 21 comrades who died during the surprise attack 67 years ago.
By Steven Oberbeck

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 12/07/2008 05:46:16 PM MST

Twenty-one times the bell tolled, once for each Utah serviceman who gave his life defending his country during the surprise Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor 67 years ago.

It was a quiet Sunday morning on Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese planes suddenly appeared in the sky over the U.S. Navy's Hawaiian base, bombing and torpedoing most of America's Pacific fleet in an attack that would draw the country into World War II.

For the Utahns who survived the attack, memories of that day are still vivid -- the carnage on Battleship Row where the USS Arizona burned, the bravery of their comrades who fought back and others who rose up in quiet valor against the assault.

Utahn Bob Pierce, of Providence, nursing a broken ankle from a baseball game, was outside the base hospital and on his way to church when he saw the first Japanese plane overhead.

"At first, I thought it was a mock attack," Pierce said, addressing a small crowd that had gathered Sunday for the annual memorial service held by the Utah chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. "It quickly became apparent, though, that wasn't the case."

One memory stands out for him. It is the image of the hospital's nurses who were housed in a Quonset hut near the hospital. As the sound of exploding bombs thundered all around, the nurses began spilling out of the hut's doors.

"They were all in a tizzy and didn't know what to do," Pierce said, adding that just a few minutes later the first flat-bed truck showed up with wounded. " The moment they saw the bodies, everything changed. They didn't hesitate a moment. They knew what needed to be done."

Lawrence Smethurst, of Roy, had just left the USS San Francisco to catch a bus to church when the attack began. The heavy cruiser was undergoing repairs, was partially dismantled and as a result didn't have any ammunition aboard for its big guns.

Returning to the ship, Smethurst ran into the ship's black mess sergeant. "He told me, 'You get down there and get one of those rifles.' " Along with many others aboard the San Francisco, Smethurst fought the Japanese at Pearl Harbor with a 30.06.

Aboard the light cruiser USS Helena, Earl Underwood, of Salem, made it to a 50-caliber machine gun and began firing at the attackers overhead. Two of his best friends were with him at his post, and both were killed when a Japanese plane strafed the ship.

Serving aboard the USS Hulbert, Marion Kesler, of Salt Lake City, was standing on the quarter deck when the bombs began to fall. He immediately ran down to the galley where the crew was eating breakfast with the news that Pearl Harbor was under attack. "They didn't believe me at first," he said. "It took them a little while to be convinced."

The Hulbert was one of the first ships in the fleet to open fire on the Japanese. "We're credited with bringing down the first plane," Kesler said, indicating he spent the battle hauling ammunition up to the ship's 50-caliber machine guns.

USS Arizona survivor Ken Potts, Provo, said he has a difficult time talking about Pearl Harbor and the friends he lost. The 1,177 men who went down with that battleship when an armor-piercing bomb ignited a million pounds of gunpowder below decks represented nearly half the American casualties that day.

For Ralph Wadley, a Salt Lake resident who was serving in the U.S. Army on Pearl Harbor's Ford Island, each December 7th is a time to remind others of the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association motto, "Remember Pearl Harbor -- Keep America Alert!" It also is a time to remember those who gave their lives for their country and those who served and have now passed on.

"We lost two more of our members this past year," said Wadley, who was the master of ceremonies at the memorial service. Ralph Schweppe, who served on the USS Tennessee, passed away April 25, 2008. He was 91. Reverend John Hornok, of the USS St. Louis, died Aug. 3. He was 86.

And the bell tolled for them as well.

Via The Salt Lake Tribune.

Unbreakable Adam Glass year in Review!

Check out Adam's blog here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

ME upper day

Dynamic warmup
Bench press 2 warmup sets followed by 4sets of 4
Incline press 4sets of 3
Pec Deck flys 4x8

Dips 4x8
Tricep pushdowns 4x8
reverse pulldowns 4x8

wide grip/close grip pulldowns 6sets of 8 alternating grip each set
low cable rows 4x8
shrugs 4x6 heavy
neck work on machine each direction 3x10
Back extentions 4x10

Viking press 5x5

Decline Abs 4x20

Felt decent on my first max effort day but still light weight really.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual Testimonial!!!

Ok everyone here is yet another testimonial on the great Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual. Jedd one of the authors received the following email the other day.

Just received this testimonial this weekend from a customer who recently picked up the Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual. Check it out:


I just wanted to write and tell you that your Sled Dragging handbook is a necessary tool for anyone who trains themselves or others. Many of us (whether an athlete or a couch potato) suffer from imbalances that are in or result from the hips, groin, pelvis and lower back. These problems spread out and cause knee, shoulder, back pain etc..

This guide will not only show you to use Sled dragging (and more) to build athletic power but also to help aid in recovery and iron out any weaknesses and imbalances. If you put even just some of these drills into practice you can expect to fix nagging injuries, speed recovery, and probably even set a few new PR’s in the weight room.

Thanks for putting together this manual and I’ll be looking forward to more in the future.

Trent Chance, IL

Thanks so much for the fine words, Trent!

To get your copy of Ultimate Sled Dragging, click here.


Great stuff everyone should check it out.

300lb Tire, 10lb Sledge, 26" Box

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DE Lower

DE Lower day

Morning training

20 min on the elliptical
100 pushups

Leg press 4sets of 8
Lunges 4x8
standing calf raise 4x15
Stopped there had to leave the gym cause people would not stop using the rack for there stupid curls.

Just can't wait until tommorow for tires and sledges!!

Rolling thunder 5x5 work up to 120 from 90
softball crush 5x5 lifts 25-35lbs
wrist curls 4x12
reverse wrist curls 4x15

Monday, December 1, 2008

DE Upper Day

DE upper day

Dynamic warmup

Bench Press 9 sets of 3 reps
Pec deck 4 sets of 8

Dips B/W 4 sets of 8
Panora press downs 4 sets of 8

Low row 4 sets of 8
wide grip pulldowns 4sets of 8
Shrugs 4sets of 8

Neck work 2 sets of 10 in all directions on the neck machine

Hanging leg raises 4 sets of 10
weighted crunches 4 sets of 10

First day doing abs since surgery felt great the whole training session felt awesome. Got a good "off day" training planned for Wednesday with video of it coming!