Friday, October 31, 2008

Romanian Dead Lifts

Joe has wrote a great article on torn ACL's and the major reasons for weak spots in the legs. When you train you have to train your entire body equally or injuries will come. Joe explains this in detail in this article check it out.

Adam Glass Unbreakable!!

Adam T. Glass is a bending freak and strongman who post's videos of his training all the time. Here is one of the lastest check it out!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Use what you got.

Check out this article over at Fight Geek this is a must read for the Soldiers out there. Just click the Picture.

Big Guns!!!

Over at T-Nation they developed a program for the guy who's arms are lagging behind. Mariusz Pudzianowski has extremely strong arms and this program can make your arms come close to his. Erick Minor did a great job on this article it also shows were to put the rest of your workout by the days of the week and what not. Check it out. Just click the picture of the guy with huge GUNS!!

A Week after surgery Training

Feel pretty good after a little more then a week of having my hernia surgery. I can actually get up out of bed easily just hard to bend down still but not bad.

Captain of Crush Sport 10x3
Trainer 9x3
IM Tug #1 5x2 bottom two fingers
#2 5x2 bottom two fingers
Finger Extentions heavy rubber band 10x3
Wrist leverage side to side 8x3

Felt great

Monday, October 27, 2008

Choked Gripper Work

Jedd from the Diesel Crew has put together a great article on using choked grippers to get past that breaking point on your next level gripper. Check it out at

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual Review

I just picked up the Sled dragging manual from the Diesel Crew. They have done a great job at making this book. Just like the rest of there work this is awesome. Let me tell you this book is excellent for any one from coaches to athletes to Platoon Sergeants to Squad Leaders to Team Leaders and for the individual who just loves to train. It is very comprehensive in explaining what sled dragging can do for you, the different methods of using the sled, how to put sled work into your training program and how to properly conduct the exercises with good form.

Sled dragging's versatility shows in this ebook and should be a part of every ones program. Whether your an athlete who needs to work on explosiveness, speed, work capacity or General Physical Preparedness this is for you. You can easily ad the sled dragging exercises in this book to your routine without changing your current program. In fact you can do these exercises on your "day off" or even after your lifting workout or later on in the day the same day you conducted your lifting workout. Because the techniques used in this manual will actually help in your recovery from previous workouts at the gym, track, baseball practice, football practice or what ever you do. If you want to increase your work capacity, speed, explosiveness, or GPP you need to buy this ebook.

Great job with the book Diesel Crew!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

3rd Recovery Training session

Ok 3rd session after the surgery feeling pretty good today went and voted been up and around a lot.

CoC Sport 10x3
Trainer 8x3
Finger extentions 10x3 each hand heavy band

sledge leverage 3lb small hammer side to side 10x3

Feel good feeling gutsy wanting to do more trying not to so I don't injury myself. Check out the Diesel Forum this weekend Adam T. Glass is going to try to tear a deck of UNO cards in half!!!!

Chick bottoms up presses a pitcher of beer!!!!

Ok I just found this video and all I can say is wow you got to see this. Were are the rest of these women???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charles Staley Reviews The Diesel Crews Work

If any body knows something about strength training it is Charles Staley. He recently reviewed Combat Core. I personally know that this ebook is AWESOME. It was the first thing I bought from Diesel Crew as with most people I was a bit skeptical with buying a ebook since I had never bought one before. But let me tell you it rocked. See what Mr. Staley has to say about it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recovery Grip training

Ok so did pretty much same thing I did the last work out but thought I could ad some leverage work into it with a small 3lb hand held sledge. My breathing started to pick up a bit with that so I only did 2 sets. Don't need to over do the wound.

CoC Sport-10x3
Finger Extentions 10x2 with a Heavy rubber band
Leverage work side to side 10 total reps each side 2 sets

DIY Grip tools

Due to the economy most of us have to save our money for unexpected challanges that come up. Then again there are people who didn't have any money in the beginning but still love to train. So they have to use there imagination and build odd devices to train with. Well here is a couple Do it Yourself devices that I have made. Some of you have seen these before on other sites and some maybe new to you.
I found this "doorstop" at work one day and picked it up, it was thick and decently heavy so I took it home for my grip work. It is a massive 3 1/2 inch's in diameter weighing in at 22lbs. Now its not to heavy but with that diameter I like to use it at the end of my training to really smoke my hands.
Next I was at work again and someone had a empty map tube about 4ft long and as soon as I seen it I thought wow that could be a great wrist roller. So I took it home and cut it in half, drilled a hole through it and pushed some parachute cord through it, tied it up and attached some weight to the bottom of the cord. I just tied a knot around the weight but you could attach a carabiner to the cord and use a loading pin or something. This is a big 3 inch diameter roller that really stretches my hands so I feel the burn in my hands and forearms.
DIY tools are a big part of my toolbox of strength. I frequently see random things and think how could I incorporate that in to my training. Hope you do the same. Later I will show my Viking Press!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grip Training for All Athletes

Grip Strength training is a must for all people who use there hands. Which last time I checked was everyone. From football players to basketball to MMA fighters. And yes even Soldiers need grip strength. Chasing down a buger eater and trying to grab the back of his shirt but can't get it cause it keeps slipping out of your hands? You need grip strength.... Check out this article wrote by Joe Hashey.

UFC all washed up?

I was setting here flipping through the TV guide and seen you can pre-purchase the UFC 90 fights. I am considering purchasing it like I normally do and I was thinking about the fight I just watched with Bisping and Leben, the entire show there was lots of boo's from the crowd. Because of the lack of action on the part of the fighters. Is it there conditioning, experiance, confidence? Or is it because of the quality of the fighters that are left in the UFC? Alot of people have left the UFC in search for fairer pay and more benifits of there hard work. Is this the decline of UFC? Is MMA fighting as we knew it going to other shows like WEC or Affliction etc. Several people have already talked of this problem but I think it is real I think UFC needs to do something huge to get there ratings up because I heard Joe Rogan state there is still tickets left for UFC 90 thats not right is it? You would think they would be sold out...or is it not sold out because of the economy? Regardless I think UFC is on the decline and the American people as a whole are trying to find that one organization that is hot and heavy with extreme action fighting. Until then we always have WWE and TNA the longest running tv shows ever. Got to love plain old wrestling.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First Grip workout

CoC Sport 10x3
Trainer 6x3
finger extentions 10x2 heavy rubber band

Felt ok for the first training after surgery.

The Wound

Well here is a picture of my wound from my Umbilical Hernia surgery. This is after 3 days and the gauze was removed. I finally was able to take a shower today I felt so dirty. My stomach is a bit swollen right now since I am constipated and have bad gas that I can't pass but I am feeling a little better.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Earnhardt Jr. Gets 2nd

After a long race on the short track Jr. comes so close to a win. Although he didn't win this one it was a big help for him in the points. He just needs to stay consistant and not let Jimmy Johnson win any more as he could very well get his 3 peat!!!

UFC 89

Bisping Decisions Leben, Wins Third Straight at 185By Thomas GerbasiThe UK can rest easy tonight. At a packed National Indoor

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UFC® 89 Post Fight Presser: Bisping vs. Leben Arena in Birmingham, England Saturday, national hero Michael Bisping passed his sternest test in the middleweight division, scoring a unanimous three round decision over Chris Leben in the UFC 89 main event.Scores were 30-27 twice and 29-28 for Bisping, who is now 3-0 at 185 pounds.“It was a tough fight,” said Bisping. “That was the whole gameplan, take my time, stick and move, and get a unanimous decision.”With the crowd roaring, Leben calmly stalked Bisping, landing with a series of kicks to the body and midsection. Bisping took his time getting into the offensive column, eventually scoring with some quick counters as he used all of the Octagon real estate to stay out of harm’s way. Leben wasn’t rattled as he kept trying to push the pace, but as the round progressed, he was starting to eat more and more flush counter shots, leaving his nose bloodied as he went back to the corner.Bisping continued to keep Leben at bay in the second round, picking and pecking at ‘The Crippler’ and cutting him under the eye as he came in. With under three minutes left, an accidental low kick interrupted the action, but when the fight resumed, the pattern already established remained unchanged, as Leben wasn’t quick enough to avoid
Bisping’s counters or to cut off the Manchester resident’s lateral movement. Leben’s desperate measure of dropping his hands and following recklessly after ‘The Count’ did oddly pay dividends in the closing moments of the round though, as he was able to score with a couple of haymakers before the bell rang.Leben opened the second with a hard left hand, looking to turn the tide, but any momentum was lost when there was a stoppage in the action as Bisping complained of something in his eye. After the brief break, the cat and mouse game continued, and Bisping, unmarked, kept to his disciplined fight plan. With under two minutes left, Leben surprised his foe with a takedown, but when he started to throw ground strikes, it gave Bisping the opening he needed to get back to his feet and get back to the business of keeping Leben at bay with his long-range strikes, which he did until the final bell sounded.And though it was Bisping’s biggest win yet at 185 pounds, he admits that he’s not ready for the man at the top, Anderson Silva, just yet.“I don’t think I’m there yet,” said Bisping. “I probably need one or two more solid fights over solid opponents. You’ve got to earn that right. And when I earn that opportunity, I want to be ready.”With the win, Bisping ups his record to 18-1; Leben drops to 18-5.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jeffrey Denning: Kill Bin Laden -- A New Book

A great new book I just got on the fight against Bin Laden. They came extremely close to him a must read for any body intrested in the fight. And I highly recommeded this book for any Military Leader.

Kevin Nash Returns

Women of Parkour

My New Blog Site

Ok thought I would give this a Shot as this is my first Blog site ever. I will be posting all things Strength and just random cool things I find. I am recovering from a Umbilical Hernia surgery that I got cut on yesterday so I am here for a while. Welcome to all.