Sunday, November 30, 2008

Donnie Thompson does it again.

Checkin on my youtube page today seen that the Sorinex crew posted some new video's of the meet in York, PA. This is simply awesome!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lower Back Pains

Here is another great article Joe Hashey just posted on lower back pain and how to fix it.

"Lower back pain can be caused by a large array of issues. Today we will look at the issue of tight glutes. Tight glutes causes a pulling effect on the lower back which may cause pain and discomfort. Imagine that something is hanging from the back of your hips and pulling you down. Obviously if this pulling continues your back will start hurting. Tight glutes essentially doing that same motion. This effect usually occurs from lack of flexibility or muscular imbalances."

Click here to read the rest of this great article.

End of the week training.

Viking Press 3 warm up sets of 12
then 5x5

Bar Bell Curls 8x4sets followed by Reverse Barbell curls for 12x4

Plate Pinch 3 10's for 3sets of 10 sec holds followed by 4 sets of 5 deadlifting 4 dimes.
Felt great finishing this first week of my new grip program I am doing starting a over all grip strength training.

4 Dimes Pinch Lift

My First video for you all. More to come now that I know how to work this video downloading.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Folks Joe Hashey of Synergy Athletics is finishing up on a manual that I expect to be great. Joe has been training his butt off and it shows in his young athletes he trains. Can't wait for this one to come out.

"I’ve created the Bull Strength training manual, geared towards athletes, to create this type of real world strength through serious gym lifts, underground strength training, and strongman style lifts." See what else Joe has to say over at his site click here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pinch Training

2 Handed pinch lifts 8x5sets 80lbs
Reverse wrist curls 55lbs 8x4sets
Wrist curls 85lbs 15x4sets

Had an intresting day.. Been really busy the last few weeks tough to train and get online. Maybe it will slow down now. Anyway I ate lunch with the President today it was a great experiance. Shakes hands very soft felt like play dough but good times. This week is Thanksgiving I just want to say Happy turkey day to all and enjoy your time with your familys.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pinch training week.


Well after a long weekend of hunting I got back into the training again today. Yesterday I guess I did some manual labor training in 30 degree weather. 3 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet holes...planted 2 trees pretty taxing ....but it worked out in the end cause I got deer meat on the table.

2 hand pinch grip lifts 5x5 70lbs
wrist curls 15x3 65lbs
reverse wrist curls 12x3 bar...

Felt good but noticed since I haven't really lifted anythign for a month or more My wrists are so week it sucks...

Did a couple 6lb sledge hammer leverages to the face each hand also but again wrists are week so I am going to hit it up hard.

Pinch grip!!!

Farm Strength

Proof you should train your Grip.

I often post my grip strength training on here in hopes that more people will pick up on this unheard of sport. Most of my friends laugh and think its crazy and why train even after I tell them why and how and show proof well if this isn't proof then I don't know what is. This is a post the Diesel Crew Check it out.

Here is a guest post from Shane Swing. Recently he caught a college football game in which Grip strength pretty much became the deciding factor in the win. Here's what he had to say:

"Leading by 1 point with just seconds left to play, all Texas Longhorn cornerback, Curtis Brown, had to do was grab Texas Tech’s wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, wrap him up, and fall down to allow his team to retain their #1 ranking.

As fate would have it, Mr. Brown apparently is not a grip enthusiast, thus his grip failed miserably and his team lost the game.

Read the rest and watch the video here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Second training session

DE upper day

Dynamic warm up

Bench 9x3
Incline 5x5
Pec deck flys 5x5

Dips 5x5
tate presses 5x5

pullups b/w 5x5
bb rows 5x5

Felt horrible today my diet this week sucks with work so busy. No exuse! I should make my food the night before so i can train eat work. This has to stop I could have done more but d**n I felt weak...

Kettlebell work for Fighters

Via Fight Geek

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can you break a chain in half?

Via Adam's Blog

Dynamic Effort Lower Day

DE Lower Day

Dynamic lower warm up

Box Squats
3x10 sets 45 sec rest between sets
Good Mornings 5x5
lunges 5x5 ......legs screaming
standing calf raises 15x4sets

dead lifts 8x4

Stretch a ton felt good didn't do to much cause it burned so bad after the squats and lunges don't want to over do it to soon, no abs yet I am trying to wait a little longer on those....just in case.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ronnie VS. Arnold

What do you think? Leave a comment.

First day of full on out training since surgery.

Finally got to train today after over a month of not being able to felt great!!!

Dynamic upper day

Dynamic sledge warm up

Bench 3x10sets
incline 3x10sets

narrow seated rows 5x5
wide grip pulldowns 5x5
BB Shrugs 8x5sets
cable rear lat. raises 8x5sets

B/W Dips 10x4
Close grip bench 5x5

push press 5x5
Done for that tri's are smoked

Grip work
CoC sport 12x1
Trainer 8x2sets
#1 2x3sets

2 hand pinch 70lbs 5x5sec holds

Great day. The sledge hammer warm up felt awesome.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Everything You Need to Know About Making Atlas Stones.

I have been going to Pure Power Athlete's website for about 8-10 months now and the guys over there have great training programs and are extremely knowledgeable on strongman training, and training in general. Check out this article Matt DeLancey wrote on making the World's Strongest Man stones. Yes there are the same one's and you can have them to.

Many people have seen stone lifters on television in a strongman contest
and wondered…why? A better question might be…why not? Stones have a rich
history as test of strength. Europe is full of examples, from the Basque
stone lifters of Spain to the Dinnie and Inver stones of Scotland to the
famed Husafell stone of Iceland. I will not attempt to recount all of
the historically significant stones here – if you want a list, google
“manhood stone” or some similar term and you’ll see that there are many
of them from all around the world. Clearly, lifting stones did not begin
with the advent of the modern strongman contest – there is a rich
history behind it.

Read more click here on how to make them.

Lifting for Amateur's

Here is a article for newbies you may have been lifting weights for a year or so maybe even 3 years. You probably don't know what your talking about. You all need to read this!!

We live in a funny society. On the one hand, never before has the idea of being in lean muscular shape been so desirable. Not long ago, a muscular man or woman was looked at as some sort of freak. Now, however, it's become the ideal: we admire our idols, from actors to athletes, for their hard, rippling, muscular bodies.

Click here to read more from T-Nation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Training is coming!!!

Finger extentions 10x4
CoC sport 12x1
trainer 8x2
#1 2x3sets
#2 choked 1 attempt 1/8" left on that one...
IM Tug #3 5x3sets bottom 2 fingers

I went to the Doctor today for a follow up on my hernia surgery. He said I can start training again on Monday. That is after 4 weeks of no training. I can't wait. I have to ease into it of course so I don't hurt my self or tear it open but I can train!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Were do you sleep?

Kang Nachugo South Face Attempt from Joe Puryear on Vimeo.

There still exists today large unclimbed peaks in the Himalaya. But they are generally very remote, closed to climbing, or perhaps uninteresting sub-peaks of larger mountains. To find one without these characteristics is not only rare, but also alludes to a very special peak.

Read more click here

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grip Strength Radio interview with Wade Gillingham!!

Wade Gillingham is one of the best in the world when it come to Grip Strength. Whether it’s pinch farmer’s walking with a pair of 45-pound plates in each hand, or cleaning the 50-pound blob by the face over and over again, Wade never ceases to amaze!

Read more and listen in click here

Crossfit review from T-Nation

"Was I in the right place?" I asked myself for the second time that day.

The little street near Southern Methodist University in Dallas was an incongruous blend of old houses and new bars teeming with college kids. It was 9 p.m. and the sun had set, making it impossible for me to read the street numbers. Finally I pulled over next to a bar called The Green Elephant to look at my directions again.

And that's when I saw them, a handful of men and women lunging down a long corridor holding Olympic bars over their heads. A well-built young man held a timer and appeared to be either encouraging them or yelling at them.

Read more click here

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't Quit!!!

This was the first workout after yet another back injury.

Pretty much how it went is after a thorough warm-up, I went for 308 pounds out of the cage. I supported it for an instant but couldn’t fully recover. I threw 10 more kilos on for about 330 lbs. This time, the bar was too far out in front and I missed it. Finally, I tried 330 one more time and got it.
Read more click here

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Got a Aviator's kit bag or duffle bag?

Via Fight Geek!!!

Grip Training

3lb sledge leverage side to side 10x4
finger extentions 10x4
CoC Sport 15x1
Trainer 8x2
#2 Choked.....1/16" left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IM Tug #2 12x1
#3 8x2 .....Tugs are bottom two fingers....

Almost got that #2 choked maybe next time.....

Scrabble anniversary!!

Daredevil, extreme and bonkers are three words that come to mind.

But it's doubtful whether the duo playing Scrabble at 13,000ft will have time to try them out.

The skydivers, Nicole Angelides and Ramsey Kent, are helping to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the game using a reinforced wooden board and adhesive pieces.
Read more click here

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Think you can't train and travel?

Over at Straight to the Bar they show a way to pack light and train hard.

Soon the holidays will be upon us and many of us will be traveling to be with family and friends. This can be a “dangerous” time for many because our training routine will be interrupted and replaced with all the caloric and sedentary temptations the holidays bring. Read more click here

Joe explains the Keg Training.

“Keg Burpees” are not something our of a college party. A regular burpee is a squat thrust, push-up, and vertical jump in a quick fashion. We have incorporated an empty keg clean and press instead of the vertical jump for a few reasons. Read more, click here

Via Synergy Athletics

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Moutain Athlete Training

Via Fight Geek

2 weeks after Surgery

Got some grip work in today first day back home from Iowa. Its been 2 weeks after my surgery and the wound is healing quick.

CoC Sport 10x3
Trainer 10x3
#1 2x2
Choked #2 .....1/8" left...
finger extentions heavy rubber bands 12x3
IM Tug #2 15x1
#3 10x2....each one was bottom two fingers

Horse Shoe bending!!

Dead lift Program

I frequently visit the At Large Nutrition site to see whats going on in the power lifting world, and came across this dead lifting program that is bound to work for anyone. It is a great read by Brent Howard. Here is his program he calls "The All-World Deadlift Program".