Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grip work

BB wrist curls 3 sets of 12
reverse bb wrist curls 3 sets of 12

3 dimes pinch lift 3x5 lifts
3 dimes + 5lb 3x5 lifts
4 dimes 3x3 lifts
4 dimes + 1 cardboard cut out 2 lifts

Sledge lever all directions 5x5 6lb sledge
CoC Sport 2x15
Trainer 3x10

1/4"x6" bolt bends x 3

Wrist roller 3 sets to failure

Felt good today my hands and forearms are fried right now. I need to get some bending pads soon cause the deerskin gloves only help with the first bend after that its pretty painful. I haven't been able to really post my workouts lately due to work I have been working none stop for hours on end. This week is the same hopefully I can get another session like today in this week!!

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