Friday, January 9, 2009

Couple new toys today

58lb CHAIN!!

Worked out today anyway more importantly I got a 1.5 CoC today and had a goal of last year closing it and never got around to buying one and it came in today and I opened it and crushed it first, second and third time I tried it.....for some reason it seems easier then my #1??? Maybe it was just me I don't know but glad i closed it I will do up a video of those closes soon. On with the #2!!!
I also got my Ironmind bending pads...will do another bending session in a day or two. My hands and forearms are still smoked from the last one ...The journey to the Red Nail begins!!
I also got a 3" rope at 40-45ft coming can't wait!!! Got a few more pics today I will post later.

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