Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Straw bend???

This is my cousin's husband, I thank him for frequenting my site. But some people will never understand.


Kira said...

Ha Ha!

You got Pwned, dude!


BODY BY LONG said...

I know but he is family and is the biggest joker ever I had to put it up I laughed my ass off.

Adam said...

What is Pwned?

Your buddy there is a bit of an ass clown, but good for him. He looks like he would be a lot better to do what your doing instead of poking fun at it.

jhashey said...

He got you good!

But seriously, a cousin's husband is too distant to be busting chops in my family. I can't even name most of them.

Whatever you get him for the next family gathering (birthday, christmas whatever) you should just crush, then ask him who is laughing now!

BODY BY LONG said...

Most would be mad, I was a little bit but you have to know the guy to understand him....even though he will NEVER understand what we do

DL said...

Very funny! I loved it and, yes, I'm a gripster.

I think he is ready to take on a 60d twizzler.