Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you a Soft or Hard target?

This is an important thing to look at for EVERYONE. People get robbed, murdered, mugged, beat up and all kinds of things everyday in the world. This post is some things to look at and think about how you look at life.

"Really and truly, you want to avoid situations that require self-defense skills. In everyday life, fighting is the action of last resort when all else within the realm of self-protection has failed. Those among us who have something to prove might disagree with me, and I say the fight on the street is a brutal testing ground. Though I do train my physical skills every week, I am keenly interested in target hardening. How do I make myself less desirable to the predators of society?"

To read the rest of this entry at Steven Mosley's blog go to GutterfightingUSA

After reading this you will want to purchase Combat Hard Self Defense.

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