Sunday, March 1, 2009

Accelerated Muscular Development

The LATEST in training programs are coming. I only recommend books that you should buy after I have read them but....When this one hits the streets I think you should!! Here is why...

I was asked by Jim "Smitty" Smith from the Diesel Crew to be a tester in his 16 week pilot training program. I am almost a month into it and let me tell you, it is unlike anything I have done. I have followed the Bodybuilding programs out of the magazines and several other programs out there with some results, but no program I have done has given me the results I have seen in my muscle definition and more importantly on my strength gains. If you want to gain MUSCLE and STRENGTH you need to follow this incredible 16 week program. It also lays out a format for you to make your OWN program when your done. Tell me what program does that for you. Check it out and sign up for the news letter at Accelerated Muscular Development.

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