Monday, March 16, 2009

Punching Speed, Power And Accuracy

Marty Mitchell has a great blog up and running and has recently posted this Q/A about fighting. Great read check out a piece of it

"Punching Speed, Power And Accuracy
The following Q&A describes the science of a punch. It is written by a friend of mine, Tom Myslinski, an NFL Strength Coach, predominantly for Football Linemen, to develop hand punching. However, I believe certain aspects of Tom's philosophy is applicable toward fighters, and other sport participants that could benefit from hand speed, strength and accuracy.

Tunch Punch Ladder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the incline press a lift better suited to developing the punch technique?

NO! The Tunch Punch or open palm strike is utilized for its benefits of short range striking (Wing Chun style). It does not involve shoulder rotation so it is a non-twisting, heel of the hand, horizontal punch. This provides fast, straight, strides and blocks, developed with blunt power. Since it has less distance to travel, the intent of the punch is not telegraphed. Plus, a minimal amount of lower body movement is required for delivery, so balance maintenance and stability will not be disturbed. Bruce Lee has described this straight punch as “the backbone of Jeet Kune Do (JKD).”

Read the rest of the post at Performance Science.


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