Monday, April 6, 2009

Contrast Bath's

If you’re in sports long enough you will eventually become injured in some way, shape, or form. A common treatment for sports injuries, such as a sprained ankle, is contrast baths, other wise termed Hydrotherapy. All of us has seen those big silver tubs in the locker room of our gyms or training areas and wondered what they really were for. Well there is a use for them and it will help you whether you’re injured or not.

Contrast baths are used from high school level athletes to the professional level. They can help reduce the pain caused from a heavy session in the gym or a hard practice on the mat. Some athletes prefer using the contrast bath before they train to get the blood flowing while some prefer to use it after. Either way can work for you. Here is how.

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Josh said...

Hey Bill. This was a great look at a topic that's become near and dear to my heart. How often do you baths yourself? I find myself wishing I had some of those big tubs to sit in. I'm looking forward to getting a hold of AMD now that you're so gung-ho on it.

Take it easy

BODY BY LONG said...

I take contrast baths on how I feel. Which typically is about 2-3 times a week. Sometimes more for my hands though. AMD is crazy you will like it.