Monday, July 27, 2009

Derek Poundstone wins ASM 2009

Only 3 men was able to complete this pull Derek was one of them.

18 reps with this "small" GMC Canyon truck!

Travis wins this event loads a 380lb stone on a 72" platform!

A new competition World Record log press at 400lbs!

In the end as I expected Derek wins showing he is on track to win the WSM this year as long as he stays healthy in my opinion.

Final results:

Derek Poundstone - 127 points
Travis Ortmayer - 117
Andy Vincent - 99.5
Van Hatfield - 96
Marshall White 87.5


jhashey said...

Killing it with these stongman posts Bill! Im loving it.

In about a month you need to bring back the swivel straw bending post thought!


BODY BY LONG said...

HAHA will be bringing lots of great stuff soon.