Thursday, October 15, 2009

Run the Stadium!

I have been wanting to do this for a while now and finally just pulled out the time to do it. I run the stairs from time to time but wanted something more. I wanted to make it more interesting, so I took my standard keg and filled it with 100lbs of water. That's were it got fun! Running the stairs is a great cardiovascular exercise that will labor your breathing very rapidly and quickly build up the lactic acid in your legs. Adding a keg filled with water makes it 10 times worse! The water sloshes around in a short container making it more violent causing your body to stay tense and react to the opposing forces in all kinds of different directions as the water shifts. Your entire body will feel the burn instead of just your legs and lungs. This is a great conditioning tool that you can use once or even twice a week to build up your muscular endurance. This is potentially very dangerous so if you attempt this please use extreme caution! Especially coming down the stairs. Now how should you set this up? Easy try something like this to start...

Run stadium:
up/down full length stadium X2
up/down 5 sets of stairs
up/down full length of stadium X2
up/down 5 sets of stairs

Now you ask why just 5? Well because first of all your running the entire stadium full length that's both sides if your stadium is split in half were the bleachers do not connect. You do both sides 2 times then go straight into 5 up/down sets of stairs only 5 due to initially trial of running with a heavy keg on the shoulder, its DANGEROUS! Plus it will smoke the crap out of you and make you either want to quit or throw up on the spot! Then start over with 2 more complete runs. Start with this then next week we will get crazy with it and step it up a notch!

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Kira said...

Now THAT is fun way of spending the afternoon!

We don't have stadiums down here, but we do have stairs ...

We will be trying this out, shortly!

Great post, dude!

BODY BY LONG said...

Kira glad you liked it!

Chris Melton said...

You are an animal!! Rock on Brother!!

Witness The Fitness said...

Awesome post!

JoeHasheyCSCS said...

Killer job on those stadiums Bill!

Thanks for sharing