Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual Review

I just picked up the Sled dragging manual from the Diesel Crew. They have done a great job at making this book. Just like the rest of there work this is awesome. Let me tell you this book is excellent for any one from coaches to athletes to Platoon Sergeants to Squad Leaders to Team Leaders and for the individual who just loves to train. It is very comprehensive in explaining what sled dragging can do for you, the different methods of using the sled, how to put sled work into your training program and how to properly conduct the exercises with good form.

Sled dragging's versatility shows in this ebook and should be a part of every ones program. Whether your an athlete who needs to work on explosiveness, speed, work capacity or General Physical Preparedness this is for you. You can easily ad the sled dragging exercises in this book to your routine without changing your current program. In fact you can do these exercises on your "day off" or even after your lifting workout or later on in the day the same day you conducted your lifting workout. Because the techniques used in this manual will actually help in your recovery from previous workouts at the gym, track, baseball practice, football practice or what ever you do. If you want to increase your work capacity, speed, explosiveness, or GPP you need to buy this ebook.

Great job with the book Diesel Crew!!!

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