Thursday, November 13, 2008

Everything You Need to Know About Making Atlas Stones.

I have been going to Pure Power Athlete's website for about 8-10 months now and the guys over there have great training programs and are extremely knowledgeable on strongman training, and training in general. Check out this article Matt DeLancey wrote on making the World's Strongest Man stones. Yes there are the same one's and you can have them to.

Many people have seen stone lifters on television in a strongman contest
and wondered…why? A better question might be…why not? Stones have a rich
history as test of strength. Europe is full of examples, from the Basque
stone lifters of Spain to the Dinnie and Inver stones of Scotland to the
famed Husafell stone of Iceland. I will not attempt to recount all of
the historically significant stones here – if you want a list, google
“manhood stone” or some similar term and you’ll see that there are many
of them from all around the world. Clearly, lifting stones did not begin
with the advent of the modern strongman contest – there is a rich
history behind it.

Read more click here on how to make them.

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