Thursday, November 20, 2008

Second training session

DE upper day

Dynamic warm up

Bench 9x3
Incline 5x5
Pec deck flys 5x5

Dips 5x5
tate presses 5x5

pullups b/w 5x5
bb rows 5x5

Felt horrible today my diet this week sucks with work so busy. No exuse! I should make my food the night before so i can train eat work. This has to stop I could have done more but d**n I felt weak...


jhashey said...

Good workout. You are doing a good job keeping up your site! When are some Bill Long videos going to come out!?


Thanks Joe. I plain on trying to make some this week or next it is extremely hecktic at work right now with people on there way home. I first have to figure out how to make them on here!!