Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DIY Grip tools

Due to the economy most of us have to save our money for unexpected challanges that come up. Then again there are people who didn't have any money in the beginning but still love to train. So they have to use there imagination and build odd devices to train with. Well here is a couple Do it Yourself devices that I have made. Some of you have seen these before on other sites and some maybe new to you.
I found this "doorstop" at work one day and picked it up, it was thick and decently heavy so I took it home for my grip work. It is a massive 3 1/2 inch's in diameter weighing in at 22lbs. Now its not to heavy but with that diameter I like to use it at the end of my training to really smoke my hands.
Next I was at work again and someone had a empty map tube about 4ft long and as soon as I seen it I thought wow that could be a great wrist roller. So I took it home and cut it in half, drilled a hole through it and pushed some parachute cord through it, tied it up and attached some weight to the bottom of the cord. I just tied a knot around the weight but you could attach a carabiner to the cord and use a loading pin or something. This is a big 3 inch diameter roller that really stretches my hands so I feel the burn in my hands and forearms.
DIY tools are a big part of my toolbox of strength. I frequently see random things and think how could I incorporate that in to my training. Hope you do the same. Later I will show my Viking Press!!!

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