Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UFC all washed up?

I was setting here flipping through the TV guide and seen you can pre-purchase the UFC 90 fights. I am considering purchasing it like I normally do and I was thinking about the fight I just watched with Bisping and Leben, the entire show there was lots of boo's from the crowd. Because of the lack of action on the part of the fighters. Is it there conditioning, experiance, confidence? Or is it because of the quality of the fighters that are left in the UFC? Alot of people have left the UFC in search for fairer pay and more benifits of there hard work. Is this the decline of UFC? Is MMA fighting as we knew it going to other shows like WEC or Affliction etc. Several people have already talked of this problem but I think it is real I think UFC needs to do something huge to get there ratings up because I heard Joe Rogan state there is still tickets left for UFC 90 thats not right is it? You would think they would be sold out...or is it not sold out because of the economy? Regardless I think UFC is on the decline and the American people as a whole are trying to find that one organization that is hot and heavy with extreme action fighting. Until then we always have WWE and TNA the longest running tv shows ever. Got to love plain old wrestling.

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